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Iceland is a land like no other. In a single day, you can travel across a glacier, witness the beauty of a volcano, and bask under the northern lights. Within this colorful nation, residents of Iceland are innovative and inventive towards their approach to life. Reyka vodka is no different.

Reyka comes from Borgarnes, a small village with a rich Viking history. Reyka’s handcrafted process takes around six hours and produces a small batch of 1,000 liters, in one of the only Carter-Head Stills in the world used for vodka production. It’s a small output in vodka terms, but it comes with tons of personality.

Within a land of fire and ice, the distillery uses the resources given to the island. Water is sourced from glaciers, lava rocks are used as a natural filtration system, and the distillery itself is powered by geothermal energy. It’s clear why Reyka vodka is made of Iceland, using the essence of Iceland to produce a smooth-tasting vodka unlike any other. Its taste has described as exceptionally smooth and rounded, with a soft natural sweetness and a slight hint of wild fruits.

Reyka made its debut in Iceland in 2005, when William Grant and Sons set out to make the cleanest and smoothest vodka in the world. It has developed an exceptional taste reputation internationally; in 2011 Reyka was awarded the Vodka Trophy at the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) and in 2013, the Gold Medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and ‘Very good—Strong recommendation’ at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge.