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Bali is a place where the magic lives. A place with incredible energy that has the power to transform.

Recently we presented you Annie who lives in Bali for more than a year. There she practices yoga, meditations and gets to know better the local culture and traditions. Besides writing about that in her blog, Annie is organizing visits for groups of Bulgarians in Bali. Together they are exploring some of the most exciting and not so touristic places in the island. “Bali – journey to self and the joy” is the slogan of this experience, which promises to be really personal and authentic.

– Annie, tell us about the “project”, you are currently involved in. Bali is extremely popular destination, what distinguishes you from the rest of the touristic services?

Well actually, the “project” found me. It was really spontaneous and I have never planned it. Last autumn I met Rossi, she is the other half of the project. Rossi is doing Feng Shui, she is also organizing courses on how to use the power of crystals and so on. She is really good! She has learned all of this with internationally recognized teachers abroad. She was in Bali back then with her family and she was looking for someone to help her with the kids. That someone turned out to be me. We became friends and she proposed it – to organize yoga vacations for Bulgarian groups. It can be a mix of vacation and travel around the island, yoga and meditation practices, where you can learn a lot about yourself, than take and apply the lessons in your daily life. Both of us are learning a lot about this, we invest in our development and we have what to share with the others, based on our experience. We don’t pretend to be “gurus” or enlightened teachers who can promise you eternal happiness, love and joy, but what we would love to share are some practices that we have seen, experienced on our own and we know that they can help you improve your health an body, to raise your spirit and achieve better awareness. We are not the standard touristic service. Every single day there will be certain activities included – yoga, meditation, breathing exercises. The other difference are the places we will visit with everyone who join us. Some of them are popular, but others are well known only for the locals. Thanks to our Balinese friends we will have the opportunity to join an authentic, purifiyng ritual for improving our health as we take a bath with the holy waters of 9 different energies in one of the most precious temples in Bali. Then we will head to the temple of the wellbeing where a ceremony will be organized and we will be blessed by the local priest. Also, my Balinese friends will be with us all the time. We will visit also Gili Air island, which is close to Bali and is not so touristic place yet – exactly what Bali was 20-30 years ago. There are no roads and cars. I hope it will remain like this.

– Is it suitable for everyone? Some people prefer the all inclusive type of services, other are more adventurous, which is your target?

Bali is a destination where all types of tourists will find whatever they want. Our journey is for the curious ones and the ones who are looking for new experiences, who wants to experiment. It is for everyone who wants to touch the authenticity of this place and to experience something real and different. It is for people who wants to look inside themselves and see what they have there. If you are all inclusive type of tourist, maybe you need to go to another journey and place. We are going to stay in a really nice places, that is true, but the journey itself would be more adventurous. We have selected really valuable places to visit, because resorts like Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur or Canggu are overcrowded and we are looking for a different experience. On the Gili island for example we will swim with turtles.

– Which are the most exciting places that you are going to visit and why you consider them such?

Bali itself is exciting experience. The island has a very special energy and many interesting things can happen if you are open to hear and see. If you wonder, you can find many answers. Your desires can be fulfilled really quickly, I’m not exaggerating. What makes this island so strong in terms of energy is the water. Here, the water is honored as a purifying power. You can find rivers and waterfalls everywhere around. The locals in Bali are hindu, so they follow the moon calendar. On each full moon there are purifying ceremonies and you can see big crowds in the temples like Tirta Empul – the holy water temple, which is in our agenda as well. Otherwise, for me Ubud is a very special place with extremely strong energy. The name of the city means cure, medicine and it is true! I have the feeling that many people are coming here to recover from burnout, break up or something that they are facing currently. The energy of this place makes you move, even if you don’t practice yoga or meditations, it flows in and out of you and you start going through some processes.

– If there is something else, in addition to what you have already told us about Bali, why we should choose exactly this place?

Because it is totally different than Europe and the western world, but at the same time there are many facilities, that we are used to. For me, Bali is temples, rituals, gifts to the Gods and traditions. Life here is still quite simple and reminds me of my childhood, of the way I grew up. Here people live in communities, like we used to live in our neighborhoods, where everyone cares for everyone and shares what they have. Kids run through the streets barefoot, kites in the rice fields, people are smiling on the streets. There are no expensive cars, even in the expensive restaurants you can go super casual, wearing T-shirt, jeans and flip-flops and no one will notice. There is no unnecessary ostentation and ego. The gifts offered to the Gods every day, make you feel grateful for the little things in life. Local people are grateful every day for having a food and for the roof over their heads. At the same time they live poorly, but you will not see them complaining. Gratitude is in their hearts and eyes. Ubud is also known as the cultural capital of Bali, the place itself unlocks creativity and attracts many artists from around the world. All the time there are some events but at the same time you feel like living in a village. Peace, rice fields, jungle. Nightlife stops at midnight and there are only a few open places. Quiet and simple life that gives me the freedom to be myself, not someone who is determined by the work and the possessions. This feeling of joy from simple things gives me a sense of freedom. To appreciate the present moment and to be grateful!

– Is there anything at all that can disappoint us in Bali?

If you go with the attitude that something may disappoint you, there is a great chance that it will happen for real. My advice is not to go with high expectations so there will be no big disappointments. For the year spent there, I learned that Bali has his own pace and rhythm, when and how things can happen. Here I learnt that it is good to have plans, but not to cling to them. I’m still learning to trust that whatever is happening now is part of a bigger plan or a picture and I just do not know it. We are often convinced that we know what is best for us, but do we? It is quite difficult at times, but whatever happens around me, my inner peace and happiness should not depend on external circumstances – only then you can be free because you do not depend on anyone or anything. Well now I have the opportunity to practice this statement. I use everything in life for my progress, growth and development. I do not even complain anymore, but I want to see the lesson in every situation even if I do not like it. There is always something to learn, whether for yourself or for the others. It is very important to be open and to listen to the signs. I would advise everyone who comes to Bali, to do it with curiosity of a child. If you decide to join us you will certainly be in good hands, it will be interesting and exciting!

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