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Quitting your job and starting a new journey, far away from the safe harbor might be exciting but could be scary too. Recently, many people choose to change their life either because of a burnout or just because they want to travel, have a break and decide how to move on. Needless to say that such a creative sabbatical is absolutely healthy only If you can afford it financially. Putting aside the adventurous aspect of this decision, the truth is that you have to have enough money so that you enjoy your time without working. All the rest is freedom. You can start feeling insecure and nostalgic or you can make it the best time of your life. It is up to you.

You will face numerous fears before making that step, I know it from my own experience. I will always remember what a lady from South Africa told me once. We met in Bali and she has done so many creative sabbaticals so far. What she always answer to everyone who is hesitant about that is: “Come on! Don’t be afraid! It is just a raindrop in a lifetime!”. I couldn’t agree more. Even if it is simply a raindrop it has such a strong potential that can change your life forever.

Clean your mind

That feeling when you wake up in the morning, knowing that it is completely new stage of your life. Priceless. Knowing that all the stress and anxiety from the job is already in the past. You can skip the morning alarm, make your agenda for the day and breathe easily. Your thoughts will calm down naturally, old habits will disappear. That feeling to be free and to live slowly! It is worth facing your fears, just because of this

Start your own projects

You can always choose to sleep until lunchtime and wear pajama all day long but it is much more exciting to start doing something meaningful. Something that you have aalways wanted to, but you never had enough time. It might be something creative, something digital or something volunteering. The time is yours! Use it wisely, do something that will connect you with your purpose, that will make you feel satisfied again. Most of all, do something that will bring back your appetite to learn, create, work and grow.

Invest in learning

New language or total professional turn. There are endless possibilities, many of them are even for free. If you want to be a digital marketing expert for example – look for some trainings. If you have always dreamed about being an IT expert – maybe now is the moment to have a little affair with that idea.

Do what you love to do

It’s absolutely sure that travelling will be one of them. Weather it is going to be on the other side of the world or just in the city next to yours – it doesn’t matter. It is important that you change the perspective and extend your horizons. Why not trying something totally new? Do some trekking, jump on the surf, start practicing yoga or just read all these books that are waiting for you on the shelf.

Make some space for the new ideas

New ideas will come to you, don’t worry. They only need some space and wings to fly. Welcome them, even the crazy ones. Give yourself some time and be patient. The big picture will come together. You will know what you want to do next and how to do it. All the ambitions, next steps and strategies will be crystal clear. It might be your own business, new country or complete career change. Just trust the process.

Sometimes slowing down and looking what we have inside us is the best decision. Have no guilt about that. Don’t be afraid that you are missing something. It is exactly that time of your life that you shouldn’t skip.