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The clothes we wear are not just means, but they are a way to express ourselves. Fashion is a lifestyle, inspiration, and culture. Our personal style tells the outside world how we feel and what our attitude towards ourselves is.

Every woman wishes to look and feel like a princess, but everyday life and often hectic lifestyle would not allow such a luxury. In search of the perfect piece of clothing with which to achieve this goal, we have discovered a talented young designer – Ms. Polina Petrova. We met her in her boutique at 14, Karnigradska Str., at the corner of Tsar Asen Str. In the bright room full of dresses, skirts and blouses, which we instantly fell in love with, oneu can feel the spirit of fashion and style. Polly creates everything alone, and you can rest assured that each garment was made by her hands. She selects every material and fabric carefully, in a way that every woman would feel like a princess and is comfortable enough to conquer the world at the same time.Polly is the kind of designer who will not only make the best dress, but will also advise you on the design and colors that will highlight your figure in the most elegant and stylish way. Her designs are suitable for everyday elegance, festive splendour, and generally for any occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, a cocktail or unique office style, Polly has something for everyone.

“Every dress you buy from me can not only be adjusted in length or width, but it can also be remade to fit your  personality. That way I can safely say that no one else will have a dress like yours.”

From the spring-summer collection of the designer you may find wonderful and fresh hits. They are so beautiful that you will want them all. High waist skirts which emphasize the feminine body and shape the figure. Dresses in beautiful colors, which can not not go unnoticed. Designs that you will not find anywhere else you may see in the boutique, because they are inspired by the designer herself. The best part is that the price range is affordable and the clothes have excellent quality. Polly can even retailor an old piece of yours and complement it with details so that it looks like a new one. She truly is Cinderella’s Godmother, as she turns each garment or fabric she touches into a fabulous fashion masterpiece.Take a look at the models in her boutique or on the Internet – at her Facebook page or online store. Every woman deserves to be a princess and can achieve that with dresses by Polina Petrova Atelier & Boutique.