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One of our last trips take us in beautiful and colorful Copenhagen. Probably there are few people who will believe that this city is actually very warm. We don’t mean the weather, we mean the hospitality of the people and the warm of the all small and cozy restaurants, which you can feel homey and cozy. Danish people call that feeling “hygge”.

So what is hugge and how do you get it? Think a cosy home filled with natural materials like wood and leather, lamps artfully positioned to create soothing pools of light. Cashmere socks and a hot mug of tea or a glass of wine, next to a roaring open fire which crackles in the background and…you’ve probably reached your “hugge’ point.

In the heart of the cozy and colorful Copenhagen, there is a place where you can feel home, no matter where you are coming from. It is called The Olive Kitchen and Bar and can be explained as a love at first sight.

Charming atmosphere, friendly team, great quality of the food and affordable prices – what more you would expect! My girlfriend and I started this restaurant last January with the hope to bring real home cooked food for a reasonable price in downtown Copenhagen as we found that it was something that the city was missing, says Will, the owner of the place, who was also advising us which wine to choose and was passionately presenting each one of the great meals me and my friends tried. It was you who created the menu and the atmosphere of The Olive, says Will. We didn’t have much capital to begin, so we had to do everything ourselves. We did have the experience and knowledge as this is my third restaurant and Krista has been in the industry for years. And it seems that it worked out. Mild light, natural colors, simple furnitures and decoration – all combined together so skillfully that you start asking yourself “What was that “hygge” that the Danish people are famous with…”

The Olive Kitchen and Bar is one of the top rated restaurants in Copenhagen according to Trip Advisor. The menu doesn’t offer many options, but what is there is more than worded. Here are some of the “jewelries” you should not miss, according to Will:

The Salmon tartar– We use fresh Norwegian Salmon and we got inspiration from a little fishing town on Vancouver island. Olives signature steak – The meat is tender and our Madagascar sauce is delicious! Self-saucing chocolate biscuit– is super gooey in the center and has great bourbon vanilla ice cream on the side! Yum! The pleasure doesn’t stop here. On top of the carefully selected wine list, you can put the cherry of the pie with one of the attempting cocktails. We have a variety of cocktails but our favorite is the rhubarb daiquiri! Carribean golden rum, rhubarb jam and special mix, shaken over ice.We inspire to give everyone that comes in The Olive Kitchen and Bar a wonderful dinner experience. People can go anywhere for food but they hopefully come to us because of great food at a reasonable price with great service, says finally Will.

Our advise to you is to add Copenhagen in your next travel destination. Don’t be a tourist in the city, focus on the small streets, where you will find the true spirit of this charming place.