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Do you ever think about what yoga is for you or why most people practice yoga these days? It’s kind of a trendy thing to do, but still, do you ever ask yourself why?

Yoga is an amazing way to connect with yourself and with your body, to truly feel it! To know where stress is contained and release it. Today, most people practising yoga are engaged in the third limb, asana, which is a program of physical postures designed to purify the body and provide the physical strength and stamina.

Yoga also can be fun, a source of joy and mental health, inner peace and happiness. Especially FlyHigh yoga, if you never try an aerial style of yoga from experience we can tell you that from all of them this kind is the best!

Let us tell you the story of this amazing yoga style. FlyHigh Yoga is a new, attractive and versatile style of yoga inspired by Iyengar yoga. It started in 2012 in a beautiful and inspiring city in Bali – Ubud, with the development of the FlyHigh Yoga Belt. This belt is a simple and unique tool for a gravity-defying, creative, fun, precise and alignment-based style of yoga. With The FlyHigh Yoga belt, you are able to do regular yoga poses and other gravity-defying moves in a supported way. This makes the progression of the practice easier, more precise, more intense and more fun!

We met in Bali
For a long time, Bali is a spiritual centre where people go to restart themselves and discover the hidden power in them. They go to detoxicate there body and mind and meet inspiring people, and maybe find a new way of living. In a search of spiritual and an awakening path, we find ourselves in Bali where we met Jose Luis Jimenez in our first FlyHigh Yoga class in Ubud Yoga Center. His amazing way of teaching and a sense of humour makes an immediate connection with all the yogis in the practice. His classes are perfectly structured and focus on different parts of the body. With the help of the belt, we discovered that our body can do amazing yoga postures and we can feel it in a totally different way. After the class, we were so tired but at the same time full of positive energy, like we were reborn.

Meet the founder and yoga enthusiast of FlyHigh yoga
He travelled the most amazing yoga place on earth and learn from one of the best yoga teachers, healers and yoga gurus in the world. Meet Jose Luis Jimenez, the Spanish founding father of FlyHigh. His inspiration behind the FlyHigh Yoga Belt was in yoga Kurunta from the Iyengar yoga traditions where ropes are used. FlyHigh Yoga, therefore, keeps all the traditional elements of Iyengar yoga, with a more modern, fun and attractive approach. Jose Luis credentials, gained with the American Yoga Alliance, are E-RYT500. He calls Bali his home and the place from where he spared the love of FlyHigh yoga around Asia and the rest of the world. Jose is teaching almost every month FHY teacher trainings in Bali or China. Do you remember our questions from the begging? So Jose has the answers:

Why yoga becomes so popular this days and do you think that most of the people can really understand the meaning of practice yoga?
Yoga is very trendy today basically because it has a component that is very different from any other physical practice and it brings to all the practitioner’s mindfulness and awareness. My definition of yoga is everything that is between the gym and the monastery. They are many kinds of yoga, some of them are more physical, more gym based and people find them more attractive and there are other styles of yoga that are more meditative. The trend’s huge because yoga is a mix of physical activity, breathing, healthy living and eating. That’s why people are so attracted to yoga and yogi lifestyle.

Why and how FlyHigh yoga can help us to transform our body and mind?
There are 5 pillars of Fly High yoga. First, this practice is very playful and fun, and when something is fun is easy to learn and practice. When encouraging people to have fun you also encourage the community inside the practice and outside of it. People come and meet you when you go to the beach or the park, hang out the belt on some tree and other people around you become interesting of what you do and the FlyHigh yoga belt becomes a fantastic tool for socialise with people around you and be part of a community. In every practice, we learn a lot about biomechanics so people who practice FlyHigh yoga become more aware of how the body moves. There are also aspects of mindfulness because when you play with the belt your mind is focusing on the tool and you can forget about everything in this moment. And the last pillar of FlyHigh Yoga is courage because you must cross a line in your mind and go beyond your mental limitations. You must trust the belt and when you do that you can do poses that you never imagine that your body can do. And you breakthrough your fear limitation. All of this makes FHY practice totally different from traditional yoga. We can break some posture habits and release the tension in our body. Basically, yoga is all about realising the tension in the body, so we can be more mindfulness and can meditate in peace and full awareness.

How yoga calms our mind and builds our personality?
Yoga is like a meditation of movement is the learning how your body is feeling, releasing tension and blockage in your movement. You become more aware of all the senses with yoga practice. And learn how to be present, mindful and letting go of the control.

Yoga truly can transform your life and how you feel about your body and in your body. How to connect with your soul and the divine.