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Have you ever been to Italy? No?! You have to! Personally I can tell you that you have missed such an incredible atmosphere like nowhere else. In the air, around these historical buildings you feel peace that you can almost touch it…. And the streets…. They are full of people, all kind of people!

I have been told that a single woman shouldn’t go to Italy on her own, that she has to be with a charming man by her side to feel the magic. But I asked myself “Can a man who is not an Italian to feel Italy?” I’m not really sure about this. And I started thinking about the charming Italians… when they speak to you it sounds like a love message. But even if you put their language aside, they are so irresistible that I don’t believe there’s a woman in the world who can handle it.

The art of seduction
Italian men are born to seduce, they spend their life seducing and probably they will die seducing the nurse in hospital. It doesn’t mean that they are superficial, it’s just they practice the art of seduction. And only a look is enough. No matter if it comes from the waiter who brings you the spaghetti, or the guy in the café who’ll give you a smile just like that! With only a few words they can make you feel like the only girl in the world. I have lived it. When I was in Rome, in a splendid restaurant near Vatican city, I’ve met the Italian men’s charm. They didn’t have this magazine look, not at all. They were speaking English with Italian hint. And only with a few words they made me smile from ear to ear and I lost the ground under my feet.

At first look
From a miles away You can guess that a man is Italian. Most of them have olive skin and tidy black hair showing the beauty of their faces. They are tall, short, smoking cigarettes, dressed up with suits and sneakers or wearing thick cardigans so cozy that you wish to cuddle in it. Rumor has it that they are sensitive, charming, amusing, emotional and intelligent. But a lot of men are. Italians are something more. They are famous with their bravado – the balance between arrogance and uncertainty, between the man and the boy…. It’s so sexy! The story of their life is written on their faces. A sensitive woman read them very easy. In younger men you feel insecurity and desire to find the one and the only great love they have heard about it. The older know what they want, how to get it and how to make you believe to every cliché. There is no way not to believe them.

The secret of Italian flirting
For Italians flirting is like a breathing – it comes them naturally. Since Casanova they have had the reputation that can fascinate every woman. And as I said it’s not only he looking, it’s not necessary to be so handsome, the Italian just has this magic to enchant every woman in front of him. He is passionate, very polite, always aware what to use to impress you. Italians just love women – in every shapes and sizes, no matter race and religion. There’s nothing sexier than a man how desires you as much as you desire him. When Italian meets a woman for first time he will find the best in her – her smile, her generosity, her long legs….He will make her feels special only looking at her. In the reflection on his eyes she will see herself – breathless and waiting… the Italian always gets the girl because he makes her loves him the way he loves himself.