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The long believing that your most exciting and important years are your twenties are totally wrong and part of the old social model.

Nowadays, young people want to be free and to know themselves better. We have access to the whole information in the world in our pockets. We can read 5 books at the same time. We can be in Europe this mouth but the next we can spend time somewhere in Asia surrounded by people from all over the world. And our planet becomes so small because you know people from all continents. You learn about different cultures and your home is everywhere. Your family is international, we are together and at the same time alone, but free to choose what we will do next.

Our true life begins on our 30th birthday
I remember this so clear, it was the moment when my soul started to awaken. My mindset changed totally.

Two years after my 30th birthday, I’m just starting to understand what my life should be. I’m just starting to discover the world, my job, my values and what kind of human being I want to be.

In our twenties, we have been passing through all kind of relationships, jobs, and friendships. We’ve got hurt a lot, have faced big and small disappointments. We’ve started building ourselves after every battle with life. We were changing. And this process is beautiful.

What happens on your 30th birthday?
If you are single you start to wonder why you are alone, why you don’t have children and husband and a big house. “What’s wrong with me?” Believe me, you are just fine. Because at this moment you receive the best present of your life. The freedom to be whatever you want. To wander, to find your true self, to find the best job that excites you. You have the chance to be stronger than ever, to love unconditionally. To meet amazing people, to visit all the extraordinary places in the world. The most important thing – to truly breathe.

You have the time and the chance to figure out what kind of parent you want to be, want kind of children you want to rise. With what kind of person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Remember your life is just starting when you turn 30
Now is the time, after all the parties that you have been to, all the people you have met, all the lovers that you have lost, all unsatisfied jobs you have had, to find your true self to start listening to your soul and become a better person for yourself and for the society! To find what love truly means, what is kindness, what is to be with your own company? To learn how to make yourself happy, how to love yourself and care for you. To get the answer what does it mean to be a good person? And how it feels to live your life by your own rules.

Congratulations for the beginning of your life. Enjoy it, because the best days are yet to come.