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We travel because we need it, the distance and the unknown is the drug  we need to be creative.  When we get back at  home, everything is the same but something in our mind, in our feelings has changed and somehow everything around us has changed too.

The desire to travel, to discover new worlds – some people are born with it, others get it later. But once you start, you cannot stop. Never! Once you feel the trill to discover a new world something inside of you is changed forever. And the need to seek will be never satisfied. It’s like a sickness – the sickness to wander. The wanderers have a few things in common…In love with spontaneity
All of us who travel here and there, we all know that not always things go like we planned them. And very often this is the most amazing thing! The bad weather makes you to go into the nearest bar and there you find the most unexpected things. You meet new people or try strange drinks or food that you have never tried. It happens, encouraged by the circumstances, to buy a plane ticket from the back seat of the taxi on the way to drink a glass of wine with friends. And just like this you are going on a journey – the next one…We accept the things we don’t understand
Usually people don’t like what they don’t understand. But by traveling we see different cultures, we get new perception and we learn to live happily. We cross our own borders and the world gets different. As Mark Twain said: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness”. When you travel you feel the energy of people around you, you learn a new way to love, to celebrate and even to suffer.

Communicating with all around you
To communicate when you travel is necessarily. At least you communicate with the people in the restaurant or in the bar and usually they are so hospitable and kind! At some point there is the moment when you are communicating not because you have to but because you want to know more. Especially about the young guy in front of you in the bar. 

Connecting with people
People say, that the ones who have lived in different countries around the world never feel really at home. That’s because a part of them is living in all of the amazing people they have met. Traveling we meet an unique personalities from all around the world. This helps us to prioritize our relations. It helps us to let go the ones who don’t call back or don’t have time for us.

Wanderers are the most wonderful people. They always find happiness in their day. They smile wide, always sincere and love everything around them. They enjoy the food, the life, really appreciate the little things and breathe deeper than everybody else. They are falling in love with the moments and give everybody around them the energy to dream and to discover the world. Wanderers are passionate and always looking for adventures. Because every journey is a journey to ourself.