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There is no other thrilling emotion like the one you feel when you are heading up to the airport. Especially when your flight is early in the morning and the whole city is still sleeping lost in his temporary forgetfulness.
It’s quiet and it’s dark outside and you get the feeling that the traffic lights have never been so bright. Passing through, the taxi counts every single kilometer to the airport but you breathe easier and your heart beats more peacefully… in this moment your soul realizes that something new is going on…
The airports remind me of some kind of purgatory – thousands of thoughts from the past are flashing in your mind and slowly fade away. Your soul is full of temptation, expecting the new world which you are going to discover in a few hours. With every journey you reborn. Waiting for the flight you put aside the bad emotions and make room for the new good ones which will come in the moment you land somewhere there. Traveling is the best therapy for your soul.
You stop thinking in the moment you pass through the gate and get on the bus which will take you to the plane. It’s like your body sets free from a huge weight. You leave behind everything, all that makes you cry, all the embarrassing moments, all the wrong decisions and everyday problems, everything is going away.
And you disappear… while the city is still sleeping. The city will wake up, everything will start all over again, only you won’t be there. The city will wake up surprised that you are not there. Alone just like you, after a wild night when you realize that the new lover had run away while you were sleeping. Every journey is regeneration for your soul, every new city gives you a little part of itself and brings you fresh thoughts, new hopes for love.
Here you are on the plane, sitting next to the window and staring at sunrise. The sun is going up, clearing out the darkness. The sky is so red – just like blood, you get the feeling that the first sun rays wound the darkness. And there it is – you are flying out – just a seconds before the sunrise. You are free from the chains of yesterday.
For every wanderers who reborn with every next flight.