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Recently, the food has become an undeniable trend, an important part of our lifestyle, a healthy daily life, a modern diet and so on.

People travel especially to enjoy various combinations of traditional food. Enjoying exotic spices and products has become a real hobby. Eating is no longer just a vital need that you have to satisfy, it’s defined lifestyle in everyday life. Diet and nutritional regimes are the new lifestile around of which the whole daily routine is revolving.

More and more people are determined by what they eat and what diet they practice. The most popular types are vegetarians and vegans. But how to determine the other large group of people who eat whatever they want? Let’s call them Flexitarians. And in order to understand each one’s point of view, let’s look more closely into their choices and diet. Who knows, maybe after reading this article you may choose to change your diet or at least to try what it feels to be a vegetarian or vegan.

Why a Vegetarian?
The first vegetarians appeared in 700 B.C. There are many reasons for this and one of them are religion, ecology, ethical or healthy. The vegetarian diet generally excludes meat, birds, game, and fish. Some types of vegetarians also exclude eggs, milk products or other animal products. But why do people choose this diet? There are countless studies to support vegetarianism and its beneficial health impact. Some of them are the reduction in blood pressure, weight control, more energy, bone strengthening. Not to mention its effects on the skin.

What type is the Vegan?
This style is a bit more complicated to understand and implement. The Vegan diet has only plant products – such as vegetables, cereals, nuts, fruits and food produced from plants. Vegans don’t eat products that come from animals, including milk products and eggs. Strangely, jelly candies are also excluded from their menu because gelatine is a simple protein obtained by the hydrolysis of collagen from animal bones or cartilage boiled in water. If you’ve decided to try as a vegan, keep in mind that for a healthy vegan diet, you should eat at least five servings of different fruits and vegetables every day. Main dishes on potatoes, bread, rice, pasta or other starchy carbohydrates. Choose a whole wheat whenever possible. You have some milk alternatives, like soy, almond and coconut. Drink plenty of fluids and water. The recommended quantity is 6-8 glasses/glasses per day.

Is it best to be a Flexitarian?
Despite the funny definition, it is quite true. Flexitarians are all the people who eat whatever they want. They have adapted to each diet because they can eat everything. But the trend is showing an increasing number of people who has defined themselves as flexitarians, but at the same time they have decided to reduce the meat and the milk products in their menu. There are people for whom is very difficult to give up the red meat that has been proven not to be very healthy.

Whichever type you choose for your “food orientation”, remember that the key is always in the balance. If you don’t want to pick a side, just focus on plant products and reduce animal products to the extent that makes you feel comfortable.