With a blink of an eye one day everything in our daily life changed. Our plans were cancelled and our business stopped.

The first few days of our quarantine life were full of emotions, fear of unknown, overwhelming sadness, depressions and anxiety. Watching the news and trying to make sense of everything that was going on in the world. The first thing that we’ve learnt was that nothing will be the same after the Covid19 pandemic…

I believe that all of this happened because the Universe was tired of our bullshits and wanted us to take a break from everything and rethink our life’s, how we communicate, how we do business, our relationships with ourselves and people around us. Some astrologers said that only the people with a higher vibration will understand and manage everything that is happening.

We witnessed a lot of stupidity and irresponsible behaviour. This made us angry, this makes us think of our behaviour and provoke us to be more educated about the situation and for some of us it inspires the desire for a change. 

I believe that this is a powerful time for all of humanity to rethink their actions and make a change. 


For me, the first thing that I learned from the pandemic and the lockdown was how actually important is self-care. From hygiene to our immune system, we were taking everything for granted including our body. 

During our whole life our body is keeping us alive, fighting for us and most of the time we ignore all the signs, from stress, colds and different pain. We don’t listen to the voice within that is trying to say to us to slow down, to have a rest to give it more nutrition, warm home-cooked food, some vitamins, and more sleep and exercises. 

When the pandemic hit, we all rush to the pharmacies and bought immune stimulated medicines. Started to drink more tea and search for alternative ways to keep our body strong so it can be prepared if the virus wants to harm it. I hope that all of us understand how important is to take care first of ourselves because if we don’t do it we can become a tread for the one we love the most. 

When we are strong and healthy we can help all that need help. Because sometimes we neglect ourselves to help others and we drain our energy and get sick. I hope when everting that is still happening we all will continue to take care for our well-being, wash our hands and take a moment each day to have a conversation with our body to hear what it needs, to give it more rest, time alone a moment to appreciate its efforts to keeping us alive. 


After we took care of ourselves we understand how important is to check up to our loved once, our family and friends. We start to have long conversations and group video chats to support each other. 

To ask simple questions like ‘How are you?’ and ‘How you holding up?’, but we never realise that our friends need this not only now but every day, every moment because we fight a lot of battles in our heads that we often we don’t share. 

Because we are all consumed with ourselves our needs and achieving our desires that we forgot about our love ones. I really hope when we go back to our new normal we will still think of others and continuing to support each other to check up to one another and organised a live gathering with wine, not only on Zoom. 

I hope that we will take time to brighten the day of someone who was with us when we were scared and depressed when we felt alone and the anxiety was so bad that we couldn’t take a breath. I hope that we will be grateful and we will not forget to be there for our loved ones, to people who we run to when we are sad and unhappy. 

Unfortunately, I’m almost sure that this will happen, when we are back outside we will forget about everything we will go and start doing all the stuff that we were unable to do and forget to ask the question ‘How are you’ and really mean it.

Business, work and education

The one thing that I’m really thankful for in those horrible times is that perhaps the business will understand the power of the digital era that is the only thing that can help to ‘stay in businesses. As much as personal contact is important, the online contact is equally important and obviously in some cases is even more. 

I really hope that the business owners understand that if they want to succeed the have to have strong online presents, working online stores and that the work can be done remotely! A lot of corporate workers learned that they can be more productive and efficient when they are not at the office. The work can be any time and not only between 9 am and 5 pm and if you want to be successful you have to have some digital knowledge. The other aspect is education, its worth to invest in online training and courses. 

Maybeafter this parents will understand that technology is not a threat for their children is actually giving them a lot. I hope that we learned that it’s really important and we have to have balance in our life’s, that as much as we need a personal contact we need to learn to connect with each other online too. And we have to invest to make our remote work and education better. If we use the technology smart and responsible it can save our business and education. I hope that the business owners will understand that the client is the king and they need to take care of them and be flexible, adaptable and understand the needs of their clients.

I really hope that after this horrible event we will get out of it more humans, be better for ourselves and others. Be compassion, understand the importance of mental and physical health and not to let go of people who were there for us. Let’s be more supportive after this, and don’t forget to help each other.